What Stops Modi Government from Implementing Women’s Reservation Immediately?

New Delhi, 19 Sept 2023

The Modi government would like us to believe that it is so committed to the cause of women's reservation that it called a special Parliament session to pass the bill. But the pretension of urgency gets exposed when the implementation of the bill is made contingent on the completion of census and consequent delimitation. What stops us from implementing it immediately?

All-round Dictatorship: After Note Ban, Now Modi Govt Wants to Impose Name Ban

In a press conference in Patna on September 05, CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya strongly condemning the attempts by Modi government to destroy the country’s constitution said that Narendra Modi is a mix of Hitler and Tughlaq.  The Constitution of the country clearly says that India, that is, Bharat. But now letters are being issued in the name of President of Bharat instead of President of India. This madness of changing the name of the country will make us a laughing stock.

CPIML Welcomes Patna HC Verdict on Caste Census

CPIML Bihar Secretary Kunal has issued a statement welcoming Patna High Court Decision in favour of caste census. He said that this decision has exposed anti-social justice politics of the BJP party while CPIML is in favour of conducting a countrywide caste census. The appellants who went to the court to halt the process of caste census being done by the government of Bihar were associated with the BJP. 

Sedition FIRs on Manipur Fact Finding Team Is An Attempt to Throttle Truth by Modi Government

CPIML strongly condemns the Sedition cases filed by the Manipur government on July 8 against a fact-finding team led by Com. Annie Raja and members of National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW). The fact-finding team in a press conference has noted that the divisive policies of BJP led Central and State government has led to civil war like situation in Manipur. The team also said violence in the state was sponsored by “the ruling dispensation at the state and Centre to precipitate a full-blown civil war-like situation.”

ECI’s Refusal to Hear Opposition Parties on Delimitation Issue is Undemocratic: CPIML

Despite attempts by opposition parties in Assam to put forward their views and concerns to Election Commission of India regarding the delimitation exercise, the Commission has refused to provide any hearing. Calling the move as undemocratic and unconstitutional, Com. Bibek Das, CPIML Assam state secretary said that people of Assam oppose the delimitation exercise, which is based on the 2001 census.

Lathicharge on Agitating Teachers is Condemnable: CPIML

Patna 2 July 2023

CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal has said that the government has complicated the teachers' rules badly giving way to many apprehensions. In place of satisfying the agitating teachers, they were subjected to barbaric lathicharge which is condemnable. The Mahagathbandhan government cannot adopt the path of repression in this way. The CPIML condemns the lathicharge on teachers aspiring for regular appointments.

BJP has Metamorphosed into Bharatiya Satta Party

Uniform Civil Code Unacceptable: It is a ploy to finish diversity, impose uniformity

The General Secretary of CPI(ML) Dipankar Bhattacharya has said that the meeting in Patna of the opposition parties is a welcome step in the right direction. The 11th Congress of the CPI(ML) held in Patna in February this year had mooted the idea of a broad unity of the opposition, which has found resonance and expansion in this meeting.