Protests Against Ban on Strikes and Privatization of Ordnance Factories

Countrywide protests were organized on 23 July in response to the call given by trade unions against corporatization and privatization of defence sector and ordnance factories and revoking the ordinance banning strikes.

Protest demonstrations and rallies were held in all the states and major centers in the country. A joint protest rally was held in Patna by central trade unions AICCTU, AITUC, CITU, INTUC, AIUTUC and UTUC.

RAKCON Contract Karamchari Union Resolves to intensify Struggle

The recent victory of RAKCON contract workers marks a significant milestone in the midst of the COVID pandemic, the criminal negligence of the central government and anti-people laws being passed by Parliament. It is to be known that on February 1, 2021, about 40 contractual employees were fired from 'Rajkumari Amrit Kaur College of Nursing' located in Moolchand Hospital, Delhi without any notice. Since then, the employees were constantly struggling. All these employees were taken back to work in the first week of July.

Dairy Workers’ Struggle in Patna

Hundreds of workers from the Patna Private Vehicle Drivers and Workers Union affiliated to AICCTU engaged in milk supply work at Sudha Dairy in Phulwarisharif obstructed milk supply from the morning of 12 July, demanding an apology from Sudha milk distributor Satyendra Singh for insulting worker Manohar Kumar. Milk supply was resumed 2 hours late at around 12 noon after Satyendra Singh publicly apologized for his conduct.

AICCTU Statement: In Solidarity with June 10 General Strike in Greece!

The working class and toiling masses of Greece will embark on an historic General Strike on June 10 against the anti-labour Bill proposed by the conservative New Democracy (ND) government. The Bill introduces several anti-worker measures, including increasing the working hours from 8 up to 10 hours per day,  scraping the five-day working week and curtailing the right to strike. The proposed bill is a barbaric attack on the rights of the workers, hard earned through long struggles.

Dairy Workers Protest


Operators and sub-operators (khalasi) engaged in supply work for Sudha Dairy organized a protest in Phulwarisharif on 17 March to reiterate their various long-standing demands. The march was in response to a call given by Patna District Private Vehicle Drivers and Employees Union, Sudha Dairy (AICCTU).