Govt Must Not Evict Poor From Their Homes: Beguserai

CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal said the government must have heeded much earlier to the voices of the poor in Beguserai protesting on the issue of housing. He said that about 150 families from Mahadalit Musahar and other poor families have been settled for a long time by the side of the Beguserai railway line. The Railways have issued a notice to all these poor people to vacate that place. This has resulted in a serious housing problem for them.

Refer The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022 To A Parliamentary Select Committee

We are deeply concerned at the introduction of the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022 in the Lok Sabha without any public consultation.

This Bill is aimed at drastically expanding the scope of the State’s powers to collect, store, and utilise the body-related data of citizens. If passed as it is now, it will allow the government agencies to violate citizens’ privacy indiscriminately, and to use technologies like facial recognition to surveil, police, and profile neighbourhoods and protest gatherings and streets.

Congratulations And Solidarity To Workers For A Successful General Strike

The CPIML warmly congratulates workers and trade unions across India for making the call for a General Strike issued by Central Trade Union Organisations a great success. The General Strike was observed in protest against the Four Labour Codes that place millions of workers outside the ambit of labour laws and against rampant privatisation of Public Sector Units.

Stalling MCD Elections an Attack on Democratic Rights of Delhi’s Citizens

In an unprecedented move the Delhi State Election Commission (SEC) after calling for a press conference on 9th March called to announce the MCD Elections schedule, stated that the announcement of the dates for MCD elections has been postponed. The SEC said that it has received a communication from the Central Govt through the Lieutenant Governor for postponement of the election till a Bill is passed in the Parliament unifying all the three Corporations of Delhi.

BJP Leaders Inflaming Communal Passions in Bihar

Union Minister Behind Increasing Incidents of Violence and Crime in Mithilanchal: Dhirendra Jha

CPIML Politburo member and Mithilanchal in-charge Dhirendra Jha said on 3 March 2022 that Mithila has always been the land of peace and brotherhood. However, the area has now become disturbed due to BJP politics and the protection being given by Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai to fanatics, land mafia and criminals.

Statement By Feminist and Democratic Rights Groups:

Supreme Court Must Stay Karnataka HC Verdict Which Will Result In Exclusion Of Hijab wearing Muslim Girls From Accessing Education  

15th March 2022

The Karnataka High Court in its order today has held that wearing of hijab is not essential to the practice of Islam; that College Development Committees (CDCs) have a right to prescribe a uniform; and that Muslim girls must comply with whatever uniform is prescribed by their college.