Condemn Crackdown on International Women's Day March

On the occasion of International Women's Day, women organisations of Delhi called for Women's Day March on 6th March in Jantar Mantar. Most shamefully, as soon as women started reaching near Jantar Mantar to commemorate women's day and raise voice against the imperialist attack on Palestine, Delhi Police unleashed crackdown and forcibly detained women. Comrade Maimoona, AIDWA, Comrade Punam, PMS, Comrade Maya John, CSW and 100 more women were picked up by Delhi Police and taken to Mandir Marg police station.

CPIML Requests EC to Centrally Publish Record of Criminal Cases of Candidates in Elections

The Communist Party has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Election Commissioner of India regarding the publication of the details of criminal cases pending against the candidates in newspapers and the electronic media. This requirement puts in a highly uneven ground for exercising the democratic right to contest in elections because of very high costs incurred in the publication of such information in widely circulated regional and national newspapers and TV channels.

Draconian Criminal Amendments in UP, Uttarakhand and Bihar Must be Condemned

CPIML Bihar state secretary Kunal has strongly condemned the recent amendments in the Criminal Law procedures in Bihar which are nothing but an extension of the mafia-police state of Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh. These amendments are entirely anti-poor and anti-dalit in nature and are being met with widespread opposition from all quarters.

Statement on SC Verdict Striking Down Patently Anti-democratic Electoral Bond Scheme

 CPI(ML) Liberation welcomes the much awaited verdict of the Supreme Court striking down the BJP Government's Electoral Bond Scheme as Unconstitutional. Electoral Bonds have been patently anti-democratic and unconstitutional. Hope the Supreme Court now gets the Election Commission to bring to the public domain the details of the corporate funding that has taken place through the unconstitutional Electoral Bonds scheme and retrospectively remove the screen of anonymity from the nexus between corporate power and the BJP, the biggest beneficiary of this unconstitutional scheme.

Uttarakhand UCC is an Attack Against Women and Gender & Sexual Minorities : AIPWA

AIPWA strongly condemns the attempts of the BJP Govt. in Uttarakhand to defeat pluralism through the Uniform Civil Code. On 7th Feb. 2024, the Uttarakhand State Legislative Assembly passed the Uniform Civil Code, 2024, (“UCC”) becoming the first post-independence state to pass a law on UCC. The UCC has been a prominent part of the BJP’s election demands in 2014, forming a part of its 2019 Lok Sabha manifesto as well.

Comrade Manoj Manzil’s Conviction in a Politically Motivated False Case is a Conspiracy by BJP Backed Feudal Forces

CPIML General Secretary Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya said in a press conference on 14 February that BJP backed feudal forces have consistently been conspiring in the Bhojpur region against the rural poor’s movement. They have killed hundreds of people in massacres and filed false cases against CPIML leaders. Incidentally, so far none of the perpetrators of innumerable massacres taken place during the 1990s have been brought to justice.

Haldwani: Police Must Stop It’s Violent Crackdown on Banbhoolpura Residents

CPIML in Uttarakhand has criticised state administration and police for inflicting indiscriminate violence on residents of Banbhoolpura in Haldwani. The party has asked to stop such retaliatory vengeful atrocities on people. Party’s Uttarakhand secretary Indresh Maikhuri has said Banbhoolpura violence was a result of state government’s irresponsible actions taken in haste, undermining the intelligence department’s inputs. The party has held Nainital DM and SSP directly responsible and demanded their immediate removal and a high level judicial inquiry. 

Feb 16 Strike and Rural Bandh must Deliver a Historic Blow against Anti-People Modi’s Regime

Expressing steadfast support to the February 16 industrial and sectoral strike and rural bandh (shutdown) call by the joint platform of Central Trade Unions and Farmers Unions (SKM), CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said that the unity of the toiling masses must deliver a historic blow to the anti-worker and anti-farmer policies of Modi government. 

Communal and Patriarchal: CPIML on the Uttarakhand UCC Bill

Uttarakhand State Committee of CPI(ML) Secretary Indresh Maikhuri in a statement issued on February 6 strongly condemned the divisive Uniform Civil Code (UCC) legislation introduced in Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly by BJP government. He said that the bill is a futile exercise and doesn’t bring uniformity amongst citizens in any way. Rather, the bill is aimed at furthering BJP's nefarious agenda of communal polarization. Furthermore, the bill is an attempt by the state to make intrusion in personal relations of consenting adults.