CPIML condemns the arrest of youths under National Security Act in Punjab

CPIML has condemned the Bhagwant Mann- AAP led Punjab government's decision to invoke draconian National Security Act against youths arrested in connection to crackdown on radical outfit Waris Punjab De. The party also has raised serious concerns regarding the failure of the government to arrest the outfits leader Amritpal Singh despite massive police operation and clampdown on internet services across Punjab. Instead the Punjab government is playing into Modi government’s  divisive ploy.

CPIML Opposes Change in SC/ST Land Purchase Rules in UP

The CPIML has strongly condemned the recent change made by Yogi Government in the purchases of lands of dalits and scheduled tribes which will lead to properties of SC and SCs more vulnerable to the land mafia. Under the new township policy, the earlier requirement of approval from the District Magistrate in cases of lands of SCs/STs being purchased by non-dalits has been removed. This is done to satisfy vested interests of big corporates and land mafia.  

Condemn the Vindictive Arrest of Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia by the fascist Modi-Shah Regime!

In yet another arrogant assault on democracy, the Modi government has once again used the institutions of CBI and ED to pursue its politics of vendetta. Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia has been arrested by central government agency CBI after hours of interrogation on 26th February on the flimsy pretext of his alleged non-cooperation.

No Scripture is Beyond Critical Introspection, Ramcharitmanas Has Several Anti-Women and Anti-Shudra Compositions: CPIML

Speaking on the issue of a critical comment on Ramcharitramans by Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar, CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal said that Tulsidas’s epic poem in the Awadhi language has several compositions that justify discrimination against women and shudras. Books like Manusmriti have already been rejected by Dr. BR Ambedkar has texts that perpetuate caste discrimination in the society.   

Bihar Government Must Take Immediate Steps to Strengthen District and Community Level Health System

CPIML Bihar state secretary Kunal in a press conference held on 28 December in Patna has called upon the Bihar government to intensify the preparations to deal with the rising cases of Covid. He said that "at the time of the second surge of Covid, we had thoroughly examined Bihar's health system and found that it was impossible to deal with any epidemic or pandemic unless district-level and primary health centres are strengthened. It is unfortunate that efforts in this direction are inadequate.”

CPIML Condemns the Barbaric Attack on CPIM Program in Tripura

CPI(ML) strongly condemns the barbaric attack by BJP-Sangh goons on CPIM's program in Tripura's Charilam Bazar on Wednesday, in which Com. Shahid Mia was killed and several other comrades were grievously injured. The political meeting of CPIML was being organised in front of the party office in the market with the valid permission of the police. During the meeting, BJP-sponsored goons gathered illegally in front of the police and pelted bricks, hurled bombs at the CPIM cadres.

CPIML Welcomes The Release Of Anand Teltumbde

The CPI(ML) Liberation welcomes the Supreme Court's order dismissing the petition of the NIA challenging the verdict of the Mumbai High Court which granted bail to renowned intellectual and activist Anand Teltumbde.

While we welcome Anand’s release which has come after nearly two and a half years of incarceration, we demand that all political prisoners presently in jail on false charges in the Bhima Koregaon case must be be released forthwith.