Protest Demonstration

Covid Crisis: People of Uttarakhand Demand Accountability from Government


Responding to the call given by various people's organizations and opposition parties, thousands of people across Uttarakhand are raising their voice. A protest dharna from homes was organized from 11 am to 12 pm on 8 May 2021 with the slogan, "Each and every patient is the government's responsibility! Either provide treatment for the sick, or resign from power!"

Government Fails Covid-Affected People: Protests in Bihar


CPIML organized Demand Day across Bihar on 28 April 2021 on the following issues: guarantee oxygen beds for all Covid patients; reserve 50% beds for Covid patients in all government and private hospitals in Patna; arrange 500 beds and 100 ventilators in District hospitals; set up temporary hospitals and appoint doctors and other health workers without delay or make alternative arrangements; speed up Covid testing.

Covid Crisis: Protests across Uttar Pradesh against Yogi Government’s Failure and Lies


CPIML organized statewide protests across Uttar Pradesh on 25 April against the government's failure to curb Covid deaths. The protests were held between 12 noon and 1 pm at houses, party offices and work places while observing Covid protocol. Protesters held placards with slogans and demands, posted pictures and videos on social media, and memorandums were sent via email from many Districts to the government.

Bhagalpur: Brutal Police Killing of Government Employee


CPIML and RJD jointly organized a protest on 30 March at Ghanta Chowk in Bhagalpur against the brutal beating to death of Irrigation department employee Sanjay Kumar by the police at Barari Thana. Mahagathbandhan activists protested by burning Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's effigy and raising slogans against the brutal killing and demanding the repeal of the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021.

Dhikkar Diwas Observed in Bihar: MLAs Brutally Beaten Inside Assembly, Police Raj Act Forcibly Passed


The first use of the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021 was perpetrated inside the Bihar Assembly itself on 23 March 2021.

Shattering all rules and traditions of the constitutional and parliamentary system, police and goons entered the Assembly, brutally beat up opposition MLAs and pushed them out, after which BJP-JDU passed the draconian Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021 changing Bihar into a Police Raj.