US Navy Violates India’s Maritime Sovereignty

The US navy has openly stated that it has violated India’s (and Maldives’) maritime sovereignty, declaring in a statement “On April 7, 2021 (local time) USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) asserted navigational rights and freedoms approximately 130 nautical miles west of the Lakshadweep Islands, inside India’s exclusive economic zone, without requesting India’s prior consent, consistent with international law. India requires prior consent for military exercises or maneuvers in its exclusive economic zone or continental shelf…”

Condemn Military Coup In Myanmar

CPIML condemns the February 1 military coup in Myanmar, the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders of the NLD which swept the elections last year, and the fatal firings on protesting people.

In 2015, openly contested elections were first held in Myanmar after 25 years of military rule. Between 2015 and 2021, the military never relinquished control to the civilian government headed by Suu Kyi.

British MPs Express Deep Concern about CAA: Pledge to Support Diaspora Solidarity with the Protests, in House of Commons meeting

A meeting organized by Ambedkar International Mission (UK) and the South Asia Solidarity Group in the UK Parliament (House of Commons) on 20 January, on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, National Register of Citizens and National Population Register and the protests against them across India, saw several British MPs express their concern about the legislation, its implications for human rights and potential for mass disenfranchisement of Muslims, and the situation in India more generally.

International Conference in Kathmandu: For Food Sovereignty and Farmers’ Rights

THE National Farmers’ Commission of Nepal organized a 2-day international conference on 10-11 March 2019. The topic of the conference was ‘Food Sovereignty and Farmers’ Rights’. Nepalese Prime Minister Comrade KP Oli was the Chief Guest at the inaugural session chaired by Nepal Farmers’ Commission President Comrade Chitra Bahadur. Delegates from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries participated in the conference. Com. Purushottam Sharma, Com.

Christchurch Massacre and the Global Rise of Islamophobic and Far-Right Terror

THE horrific murders of 50 people who were at prayer in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand by a white supremacist terrorist has left people across the world shocked, grief-stricken and angry. It has also confirmed that a global network of white supremacists is now a major international terrorist threat, all the more sinister because they are gaining not only inspiration but tacit approval from the US government and other far-right regimes.