Protest Demonstration

Ward Secretaries Brutally Lathicharged for Asking Payment of Their Dues

The BJP-JDU government in Bihar is ceaselessly speaking the language of repression. The police atrocity on Ward secretaries in Patna on 29 July are highly condemnable.

For the last 4 years the Bihar government has been conducting 'Nal-Jal' and 'Gali-Nali' scheme works through 1,14000 Ward secretaries but so far they have not been paid even a single rupee. Now that they are demanding payment for their work, they are brutally lathicharged. What kind of justice is this?

Agrarian Workers Protest against Govt Move to Kill MNREGA

In a joint call given by several left rural labour organizations including AIARLA and MNREGA Mazdur Sabha protests were held on 26th July on district and block offices and the effigies were burnt of Prime Minister to assert the demand of giving 3 months MNREGA wages to all MNREGA and other workers in the rural areas considering rural distress resulting from Covid pandemic. The protests were held in all the states with the following demands:

Bihar Government Not Serious about Illicit Liquor Deaths

The continuous deaths in Bihar due to poisonous liquor are becoming a normal occurrence. Hardly any month goes by without such deaths but Nitish Kumar, who boasts about prohibition in Bihar, remains unmoved. We have said repeatedly that the illegal liquor business is flourishing in Bihar and yet the government is giving protection to this nexus. As a result, the series of poisonous liquor deaths continues unabated.

Protest against Killing of Woman under Pretext of Witchcraft in Mungeli, Chhattisgarh

Guru Ghasidas Sewadar Sangh organized a rally and protest meeting to demand action against the killing of Savana Bai Dhruv (62) in village Ghatouli, Lormi Thana, District Mungeli. A memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister was submitted to the Tahsildar. The meeting was addressed by CPIML State Secretary Brijendra Tiwari as well as AAP, BSP, and farmers' organization leaders. The meeting was conducted by GGSS leader Lakhan Subodh.

Left Parties Come Out to Save Farming, Democracy

Left parties supported the call by farmers' organizations to observe 26 June as Save Farming-Save Democracy Day and organized protests across states for repeal of the 3 black farm laws, guarantee of MSP Act, withdrawal of Electricity Bill 2020 and other demands to mark Emergency Day, kisan leader Swami Sahajananda Saraswati’s death anniversary, and completion of 7 months of farmers’ protests at the Delhi borders. The protests resounded with the slogan ‘Save Farming, Save Democracy’.