Pledge for December 18, 2023, VM

On the 25th death anniversary of Comrade VM the CPI(ML) rededicates itself to the revolutionary mission of our great martyrs and departed leaders and pledges to carry forward Comrade VM's revolutionary legacy in today's challenging situation.

Comrade VM had led the reorganisation of the party after the crackdown and setback in the early 1970s. Comrade CM's last words in which he urged keeping the party alive, forging close ties with the masses and upholding their interests as the supreme duty, inspired this process of the party's recovery and reorganisation. The party's living ties with the people, reliance on the people and the party's leading role in courageous mobilisation of the people in multifarious struggles have been the key to the party's growth. We resolve to redouble our efforts to strengthen the mass practice and mass character of the party.

Under Comrade VM's leadership the party developed an effective united front policy of seeking a whole range of allies, from individuals to organisations, while strengthening the independent role, initiative and identity of the party. We need to enhance the party's capacity to further develop and implement this united front policy while strengthening the party's independent strength and role by all means.

The success of the party in developing its plans and policies and advancing on different fronts depends on the party's organisational strength and ideological clarity. Under Comrade VM's leadership the party held high the banner of revolutionary Marxism even as many communist parties liquidated themselves in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Simultaneously, the party also developed and consolidated its organisational structure, democratic functioning and collective leadership. 

As we prepare ourselves for the crucial 2024 elections and a decisive resistance to the growing fascist offensive, we must stand firm on the foundations of Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong thought and strengthen our organisational structure and functioning. Following the successful conclusion of the 11th Congress in Patna in February this year, we had resolved to reorganised our branches and local committees in all our areas of work. 

Without functional branches and local committees we cannot really maintain an organised existence on the ground and any lack of local organisation is a major weakness especially in a situation of heightened fascist offensive. The emphasis on ensuring a vibrant and dynamic organisational structure on the ground must therefore be kept up and made a defining feature of our party. On this year's Pledge Day (Sankalp Diwas), let us resolve to energise the entire organisation as a firmly united and battle-ready fighting force. 

Red Salute to Comrade VM! 

Red Salute to all our martyrs and departed leaders!

Long live CPI(ML)! 

Defeat Fascism, Secure People's Rights!

Unite to fight! Fight to win!