December 18 Pledge

On the 24th death anniversary of Comrade Vinod Mishra, we rededicate ourselves to the mission of fulfilling his dreams.

Comrade VM dreamt of an India where power will belong truly to the people and every citizen will enjoy real freedom, an India where diversity will be celebrated as the foundation of unity and differences will not be used to incite hate and divide the people, where democracy will draw its strength from dissent and dialogue. He dreamt of an India where religion and politics will never be mixed up and politics will be used as the tool of social transformation and not for preservation of the social order based on inequality, oppression and exploitation.

He wanted the CPI(ML) to grow into a big, strong and vibrant Communist party which will have the courage, strength and maturity to carry forward the battle for real democracy and freedom against all odds. He wanted the CPI(ML) to strengthen the voice of the people in every arena including the parliamentary arena, but he reminded us that big battles of history were always resolved through the assertion of the people on the streets.

He inspired the Party to take up the challenge of rejuvenating the Communist movement learning from the mistakes and setbacks of the past, whether in India or in the international arena and uniting with all fighting forces to deliver a decisive blow to the Sangh brigade's project of turning India into a communal fascist state.

On the 24th anniversary of Comrade VM's death we resolve to strengthen the CPI(ML) in every respect and make the forthcoming 11th Congress of CPI(ML) in Patna (Vinod Mishra Nagar) on 16-20 February and the Save Democracy, Save India rally on 15 February a historic success.

Red Salute to Comrade VM!

Long live CPI(ML)!

Down with Fascism, Victory to Democracy!