Unorganized workers under the banner of Jharkhand General Mazdoor Union organized a one-day dharna on 22 December in front of the BCCL CV Area office with a 9-point charter of demands. The demands include: jobs for old workers in the new outsourcing company Hanumant Private Ltd.; retaining guards from the old Sadbhav outsourcing company in the new company; appointment of 10 Union members in the Dahibadi washery; DO offer for 'reject' coal and manual loading; rehabilitation for people in Bhuiya Dhoda at Basantimata Colliery; appointments in return for land for displaced persons; crop loss compensation for farmers whose crops were destroyed by polluted water from Basantimata New Colliery.
After the dharna, the management has requested time on 4-5 January for positive talks on the workers' demands.