Delhi ASHA Kamgar Union Meets with Delhi Government Representative

The Delhi ASHA Kamgar Union affiliated to AICCTU held talks on 16 August with the chief whip of the Delhi Assembly MLA Dileep Pandey on the demands of ASHA workers. The talks discussed the hard times suffered by ASHAs during the lockdown. They put their lives on the line to save Delhi from Covid. Many ASHAs fell ill and some even died, but they did not receive adequate help.

CPIML Study Camp in Karnataka

State level Party Study Camp was held at Mysore on 31st July and 1st August 2021. Comrades from Bangalore, Kolar, Mysore, Kodagu, Koppal and Raichur districts actively participated in the study camp despite the Covid 19 situation. Comrades from Vijayanagara and Mangalore districts could not participate due to various reasons.

ASHAs in Delhi Demand Regular Employment, Full Wages and Dignity

The Delhi ASHA Kamgar Union held its state conference in Delhi on 8 August. ASHA workers have decided to stand united with the Delhi ASHA Kamgar Union and strengthen the struggle for their rights in Delhi. The struggle will be intensified and the government will have to fulfill their just demands for regular employment, government employee status, Rs 10000 Corona allowance, and safety kits including enough number of masks, sanitizers and gloves. The Modi and Kejriwal governments must heed the just demands of ASHA workers.

CPIML and MCC Conclude 'Pledge Week'

The CPIML and Maoist Coordination Committee (MCC) joint 'Sankalp Saptah' (Pledge Week) against the Modi government responsible for the Corona massacre, begun on 21 July 2021 (AK Roy memorial day) concluded at Ranchi on 28 July (Charu Mazumdar martyrdom day). The main demands raised during this week included judicial probe into the custodial killing of Fr Stan Swamy; end killing and repression of activists; end corporate capture of farming and public sectors.