CPIML Releases List of Candidates for Bihar Assembly Election

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CPIML has declared its list of 19 candidates for the Bihar Assembly election. The announcement was made at a Press conference by Party General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya. Present at the Press conference were State Secretary Kunal, AIARLA General Secretary Dhirendra Jha, All India Kisan Mahasabha General Secretary Rajaram Singh and senior leader KD Yadav.

Along with the three CPIML sitting MLAs, the list includes popular leaders who have led struggles for workers, farm workers, farmers, scheme workers and movements for right to education, employment and democratic rights. All three sitting MLAs Mahboob Alam, Sudama Prasad and Satyadev Ram have been fielded again as candidates. Mahboob Alam is the leader of the CPIML Legislative Party in the outgoing Assembly and will be the candidate from Balrampur. Sudama Prasad is a member of the All India Kisan Mahasabha National Executive and Satyadev Ram is the Honorary President of the All India Agricultural and Rural Labour Association (AIARLA). They will be the candidates from Tarari and Darauli respectively.

Among the new faces the Party has declared AISA General Secretary and former JNUSU General Secretary Sandeep Saurabh from Paliganj; RYA State President and popular youth leader Ajit Kumar Singh from Dumraon; and Insaf Manch State Vice President Aftab Alam from Aurai in Muzaffarpur.

RYA National President and leader of Right to Education Movement in Bhojpur Manoj Manzil will be the candidate from Agiaon (Reserved) in Bhojpur; Insaf Manch State Secretary Qayamuddin Ansari from Ara; and former MLA and AIKM National Vice President Arun Singh from Karakat.

In the Magadh region, popular Jehanabad-Arwal leader Mahanand Singh will be the candidate from Arwal; AIARLA State Secretary and well-loved leader Gopal Ravidas from Phulwari Sharif (Reserved); and AICCTU State Vice President Rambali Singh Yadav from Ghoshi.

AIPWA State Secretary, ASHA Karyakarta Sangh (Gope Group) State President and Scheme Workers Federation National Convener Shashi Yadav will be the candidate from Digha Assembly constituency in Patna. In the recent past, particularly in Covid times, Shashi Yadav has emerged as one of the most articulate and effective voices for ASHA and other Scheme workers.

RYA Honorary National President Amarjeet Kushwaha will be the candidate from Jeeradei in Siwan, while popular Siwan leader and voice of farmers and rural workers Amarnath Yadav will be the candidate from Daraunda.

Popular leader from Champaran zone and AIARLA State President Virendra Prasad Gupta will be the candidate from Sikata, while youth leader Jitendra Paswan has been named the candidate for the Bhore (Reserved) seat.

Youth leader Ranjit Ram will be the Party candidate from Kalyanpur (Reserved) in Samastipur; and popular leader Phoolbabu Singh will be the candidate from Warisnagar.

List of CPIML Candidates

First Phase
Paliganj—Sandeep Saurabh
Ara—Qayamuddin Ansari
Agiaon—Manoj Manzil
Tarari—Sudama Prasad
Dumraon—Ajit Kumar Singh
Karakat—Arun Singh
Arwal—Mahanand Prasad
Ghoshi—Rambali Singh Yadav

Second Phase
Bhore—Jitendra Paswan
Jeeradei—Amarjeet Kushwaha
Darauli—Satyadev Ram
Daraunda—Amarnath Yadav
Digha—Shashi Yadav
Phulwari—Gopal Ravidas

Third Phase
Sikata—Virendra Prasad Gupta
Aurai—Aftab Alam
Balrampur—Mahboob Alam
Kalyanpur—Ranjit Ram
Warisnagar—Phulbabu Singh