Judicial Inquiry Demanded into the Encounter Killing of Ten Adivasi Villagers in Bijapur

Representatives of many political parties and organisations in Chhattisgarh have demanded judicial inquiry into the alleged encounter of 10 tribal villagers in Pedia village of Bijapur. The incident took place on 17 May where security forces claimed to have killed 12 Maoists in an encounter. The family members of ten villagers who were killed protested before the Bijapur district magistrate office saying their family members had gone to the forest to collect tendu leaves but they were killed by the forces in the fake encounter.

Appeal Contribute for the CPIML Election Fund

For years we took India's Constitution and constitutionally mandated system of multiparty democracy and federal framework for granted. The build-up to the 2024 Elections tells us that we can no longer afford to do that. The Modi government is bent upon converting India into a one-party state. Two Chief Ministers including the sitting CM of Delhi have been arrested in the poll season and the CJI is being heckled for striking down the unconstitutional Electoral Bonds that had legalised corruption. 

Dumka Rape Incident is a Blot on the Nation

The heinous incident of gangrape of a Spanish traveller and attack on her husband at Dumka in Jharkhand has ashamed the nation. Rati Rao, President and Mina Tiwai, General Secretary of All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA) have demanded from the Jharkhand government speedy action and arrest of all remaining culprits. They said in a statement that it is a deplorable fact that our country has utterly failed in protecting women.

Resist Attacks on Academic Freedom

Stand with Prof. Sabyasachi Das!

We stand united in expressing our solidarity with Professor Sabyasachi Das who recently resigned from Ashoka University. Prof. Sabyasachi recently wrote a paper titled 'Democratic Backsliding in the World’s Largest Democracy' which hinted at BJP engaging in electoral manipulation in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, for which he came under criticism. Thereafter, expressing solidarity with Prof. Sabyasachi, Professor Pulapre Balakrishnan of Ashoka University has also resigned.

Withdraw Environmental Clearance to GM Mustard

CPIML MLAs in Bihar have asked the state government to pass a resolution in the Assembly demanding to withdraw the GEAC approval and environmental clearance given to GM Mustard. Since this matter may soon be placed in the Parliament the party MLAs have asked the Chief Minister to adopt a resolution in the state assembly to send a clear message to the centre in view of the dangers associated with the GM crops and for the benefit of the country's farmers and people’s health.

Central Government Must Declare North Indian Region Floods as National Calamity

The incessant rain in the North Indian states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi has led to massive flooding and landslides. According to reports more than 100 people have lost their lives in the extreme rainfall that battered the region continuously for four days. Many houses have been destroyed in the landslides and several incidents of roads and bridges washed away have been reported. Thousands have been left homeless due to the disaster.

Reject BJP’s divisive caste and communal politics in Karnataka

In a statement issued on March 25th, Clifton D' Rozario, Karnataka state secretary of CPIML has raised serious concerns regarding the decisions of the last cabinet meeting of the outgoing Basavaraj Bommai-led BJP government on March 24th. The decisions have progressed very much in line with the communal and caste politics that has come to define the BJP reign in Karnataka. Notable are the two decisions made, and the one decision not made.

Toxic mix of communalism and casteism:

Compensate UP Farmers for the Crop Losses due to Unexpected Rains

CPIML has demanded that Uttar Pradesh government must compensate farmers for the crop losses due to unexpected rains. Sudden rains and temperature fall coupled with hailstorms at many places has caused heavy losses to t wheat crops in many districts of UP. In a statement released by Arun Kumar, UP Standing committee member of the party, said that the plight of farmers and agrarian communities in the state are deteriorating while various schemes and benefits declared by the state government are not reaching to actual needy people.