International Women's Day March

On the occasion of International Women's Day, women organisations of Delhi called for Women's Day March on 6th March in Jantar Mantar. Most shamefully, as soon as women started reaching near Jantar Mantar to commemorate women's day and raise voice against the imperialist attack on Palestine, Delhi Police unleashed crackdown and forcibly detained women. Comrade Maimoona, AIDWA, Comrade Punam, PMS, Comrade Maya John, CSW and 100 more women were picked up by Delhi Police and taken to Mandir Marg police station.

At a time when atrocities on women are at its peak, new forms of attack are being unleashed on young women in the form of Uniform Civil Code as implemented in Uttarakhand, women wrestlers being denied justice and pushed out from athletics, young women in colleges and universities facing crackdown for raising voice against sexual harassment, women are being forcefully silenced.

Despite facing crackdown, many women comrades from AIPWA, AIDWA, NFIW continued the protest at Jantar Mantar with slogans ‘Shame on Modi Government for Silencing Women's Voices! and ‘Release arrested comrades immediately!’

- AIPWA Statement