Students-Youth Rally in Chennai Against NEP and Privatization of Education

A mass rally and demonstration was held in Chennai on August 30 to protect the welfare of students and youth. More than 200 AISA- RYA comrades including students and youth participated in the rally calling for an end to privatization and corporatization of education.

Speaking about the newly launched Vishwakarma scheme brought by the CPIML central government, V Shankar, Politburo member of said that it's a dangerous scheme aimed solidifying caste system in India. As unemployment continues to rise in the country, the Modi government instead of providing education and employment to the students- youth wants to enslave them into work defined by caste system, and take away the working class rights in the country.

The rally demanded for immediate revocation of NEP 2020 and provides people oriented egalitarian education and jobs for all. Furthermore, the rally unanimously demanded free education from primary to college for all. The program also condemned the anti- democratic entrance exams like NEET and CUET and demanded an end to this.