AIARLA Protest against Displacements and Evictions of Poor in Bihar

Thousands of agrarian workers and rural poor and dalits held a protest demonstration in Patna on 28 March under the auspices of AIARLA demanding immediate stop on the continuing evictions of poor from their homesteads in the name of various government schemes. AIARLA demanded from the central government to enact a Right to Housing Act and make housing a fundamental right.

The long pending demand of conducting a survey of poor localities and households and to give land entitlements was raised besides many other demands. Many CPIML MLAs addressed the protesters and promised to raise these issues inside the Bihar Assembly.

The demand for payment of MNREGA wages at the workplace immediately was also raised in this protest.

The protesters, including a large contingent of women workers, waived placards and banners with their demands. They also displayed the eviction notices sent to them by the state government.

The protest was led by AIARLA President Satyadev Ram, Dhirendra Jha, ex-MP Rameshwar Prasad, Bihar president Virendra Prasad Gupta, AIARLA honorary national president Shriram Chaudhary and many others.

The mass meeting held on this occasion was presided over by a panel of Shatrughna Sahni, Jivachh Paswan, Jangi Yadav, Nageshwar Paswan and Kamta Singh. Satyadev Ram said that the Modi government policies are increasing the exploitation of rural masses because its neck-deep down into the corrupt practices favouring big crony corporates. This government has undermined Parliament by not allowing the discussion on the Adani Scam exposed by the Hindenburg report.

Dhirendra Jha said that the Mahagathbandhan government must not continue with the erstwhile BJP regime’s bulldozer culture and stop evicting poor as had already been done in Razawada in Darbhanga, Begusarai, Nawada, Buxar, Champaran, Patna, Purnea and other districts in the state. The poor homesteads must be regularised and the state government should immediately conduct a survey to this end.

Virendra Prasad Gupta said that at hundreds of places the poor have not been given occupation even after decades of land allotments which speaks a lot about the anti-poor character of administration and the governments. The current regime must correct these mistakes made by past governments.

The Gopal Ravidas opposed the 40% increase in electricity rates and demanded its withdrawal.

Comrade Rameshwar Prasad said that swift administrative actions have been found lacking in many incidents of attacks on dalits and atrocities on women. The mahagathbandhan government has to be more efficient and effective through its deeds and actions, mere lip-service and rhetoric will not help in containing the fascist threat as posed by the BJP in the state.