Comrade Harishankar Mall

Comrade Harishankar Mall died in Deoria in his village on 11 December. He was 81. He was a veteran of the communist movement and district committee member of CPIML. He worked all his life for the people and for the communist party. He had joined CPI in his youth and participated in many anti-feudal struggles. Later he became disillusioned and inactive for a few years. He was inspired by the struggle of landless villagers in Bhatpar Rani area under CPIML leadership, and joined CPIML in 1995 and remained active till his last. He never hesitated from bringing up positive criticisms and encouraged comrades to develop a good understanding of the situations. He is survived by two sons.

A condolence meeting was held in his village which was addressed by party state committee members Rajesh Sahni and Ramkishore Verma, Deoria incharge Shriram Kushwaha, Premlata Pandey, Socialist leader Shivaji Rai and many others.