Comrade Shivani Verma

Comrade Shivani Verma, CPIML district committee member and AIPWA state committee member and district president, died on 14 February 2024 at Madhuraj Nursing Home, Kanpur, UP. On January 29, 2024, she fell ill with pneumonia and was admitted to Madhuraj Nursing Home, but her health continued to deteriorate. On 14 February, she breathed her last in the hospital at around 3 pm.

Aidue, Com. Shanti Kol

Comrade Shanti Kol, Mirzapur District Committee Member of CPIML and AIPWA District Secretary, passed away on February 6, 2024 at the age of 65 Years after a prolonged illness. We pay our tributes and pledged to carry forward her mission. Red Salute Comrade Shanti Kol!

Comrade Dheer Singh Valmiki

Comrade Dheer Singh Valmiki breathed his last on January 19 in Patna. He was a leader of sanitation workers and was from a long time in the work of organising sanitation workers for their rights. He was earlier with CPI(M) and joined the party in 1979. During the underground phase his home was a shelter for senior party leaders. Several rounds of talks between former General Secretary of the party Vinod Mishra and Nepal's popular communist leader Madan Bhandari were held at his house.

Comrade Ramappa: A crusader of rural poor who will continue to inspire as a steadfast fighter

Comrade Ramappa died due to heart related issues on 31st December 2023 at the age of 60. He was a member of the Karnataka Party State Committee. He was the Vijayanagara district secretary of the party for many years. He also served as the State Secretary of the party for few years. He had also held the position of being party-in-charge for AIARLA and AIKM.

Adieu Comrade Pratap Chaudhary

Senior CPIML Leader in Ranchi Comrade Pratap Chaudhary passed away on December 31. 62-year-old Comrade Pratap Chaudhary had been associated with the party from his early years. He was associated with party state office in Ranchi and active leader of party’s town committee. 

He had always been a guiding light for comrades and was always filled with revolutionary fervor. 

Adieu Comrade Shanti Devi

Revolutionary Tributes to Comrade Shanti Devi, a senior CPIML and AIPWA leader in Bihar's Bhojpur, who had played a pivotal role in building the party and mass movement in the region. She passed away in December 2023 after battling liver cancer. She was always steadfast in the struggle for people's rights and justice. 

Adieu Comrade Govind Uniyal

Comrade Govind Uniyal breathed his last on Dec 11 succumbing to severe cardiac arrest at the age of 75. He was not in the best of health for the last few years and was suffering from age related complications.

He has more than four decade long association with the communist party and served as member of Delhi State committee and incharge of CPIML Delhi state office for a very long time.

Adieu Comrade Iswari Prasad

Comrade Iswari Prasad, veteran leader of railway workers and a CPIML leader passed away on 24 November at Danapur, Bihar. He was the leader of 1974 all India railway strike leading the action in the Danapur area and playing a pivotal role in organising the workers. During the strike he was arrested and removed from the service. Later he was reinstated back into the service. Through-out his life, Com. Iswari was as a dedicated communist and steadfast to the cause of justice and rights. Respectful homage to his revolutionary legacy. 

Red Salute to Comrade Iswari Prasad.

Adieu Comrade Meena Rai

We are deeply shocked by the sudden demise of Comrade Meena Rai on the morning of November 21, 2023. She passed away of brain haemorrhage at a hospital in Allahabad where she was admitted around midnight. She was perfectly healthy till the previous evening.

Comrade Meena Rai was the managing editor of Samkaleen Janmat and Vice President of Jan Sanskriti Manch, Uttar Pradesh. She retired a couple of years ago from her teaching job.

Red Salute to Comrade Awadhesh Singh

Comrade Awadhesh Singh of  Dhanchhuha, Sahar, Bihar, a fellow party member of the 90s and formed member of the Party Panchayat Committee died 11 November 2023, at 2 am after battling from cancer for a long time. He was very active in the party programs and In today's challenging times, the loss of Comrade Awadhesh Singh, a friend and comrade of the people is a big loss for the party.