ALL India Kisan Mahasabha has made the following appeal to farmers of the country:

Dear farmer friends, a new phase of havoc and distress in the form of the Covid-19 crisis has come to face the farmers of the country who were already distressed to the point of being driven to suicide for the last 1½ decades due to the government’s anti-farmer policies. But now migrant workers from our own villages who had gone to the cities to earn livelihood for their families are being subjected to great distress by the Central and State government under the guise of fighting the Corona crisis. Faced with starvation and hunger, our migrant workers have started walking home thousands of kilometers along with their children.

Under these conditions, we appeal to our farmer friends to come forward to help these helpless workers. We appeal to you to arrange food, water and rest in shady places for these workers on the roads during their difficult journey home.