MNREGA Workers agitate for Work

THE MNREGA Mazdoor Sabha has been taking regular initiatives in Darbhanga. “Accept Application, Give Work’ protests are being organized at 4 Blocks in Darbhanga, attended by a large number of workers. In the first phase of the struggle, a protest was held at Sadar Block MNREGA office on 25 September 2019, attended by MNREGA workers. Those who had cards brought them, and those who did not brought their applications and protested in front of the MNREGA officials. This was followed by a protest at Hayaghat Block HQ, attended by about 800 workers. In the third phase, a protest was organized at the Baheri Block MNREGA office with about 500 workers. The fourth phase took place on 26 December 2019 at Kewati Block. On 27 December hundreds of workers came again to Sadar Block and protested with slogans of “Accept Applications, Give Work, or Give Unemployment Allowance’. The absence of any MNREGA official at the office enraged the workers. Seeing their anger, Panchayat Technical Engineer came and held talks with the protesters. The workers submitted applications for new job cards.

Through the agitation MNREGA Mazdoor Sabha leaders said that huge loot and corruption are rampant in the Nitish-Modi MNREGA Scheme. Workers are not getting work under MNREGA. Tractors and machines are being used at many places instead of giving work to the workers. However, MNREGA Mazdoor Sabha is making workers aware and organizing them through struggles at various places. MNREGA workers will not rest till their demands are met.