Anti-Emergency Day observed in Udaipur

IN response to the call given by AICCTU, union activists in Udaipur District held protests and submitted a memorandum on 26 June addressed to the Prime Minister to the District Collector. Speaking on the occasion, AICCTU State President Shankar Lal Chaudhury said that the biggest blow from Covid and Lockdown has fallen on workers, but there is nobody to pay heed to their distress. AICCTU demands that all affected workers should be given Rs 10000 monthly Lockdown Allowance for the Lockdown period, and rations and employment should be guaranteed for them.

Protest Against Sexual Abuse in Kanpur Shelter Home

AIPWA observed 25 June 2020 as Nationwide Outrage Day against the horrific incidents that have come to light in the Kanpur Child Protection Home matter. Reports have come in about sexual abuse of minor girls at the Home and also about the implication of BJP leaders in these crimes. The Kanpur local administration has confirmed the reports that 57 girls have tested positive for Corona, out of which 5 minor girls are pregnant.

Wrongful Arrest of Poor People Demanding Land in Bihar

CPIML State Secretary Kunal said on 26 June 2020 that the BJP-JDU government in Bihar is in reality a government that runs a bulldozer over the poor and throws leaders who raise their voice for the poor into jail by slapping false cases against them. In the most recent instance, 5 people including CPIML Khagariya District Secretary Arun Das have been sent to jail for organizing a struggle to settle the poor in huts on gairmajrua land which has been illegally captured by dominant sections.

Protest across Country against Sky-High Prices of Petrol and Diesel

FARMERS across the country, responding to the joint call given by All India Kisan Mahasabha, AIARLA and RYA, protested on 27 June 2020 against the sky-rocketing prices of petrol and diesel. Prime Minister Modi’s effigies were burnt at hundreds of places and farmers asked the Prime Minister for answers to the question, “Why are you selling petrol worth Rs 18 at Rs 180”?

In Memory of Hool Rebellion

ON 30th June, on the occasion of 165th anniversary of Hool rebellion a commemoration event was organized by AISA/RYA with the cooperation of Korangani Tea Garden workers in Korangani Santhal Bhavan. Veteran activists Bikram Majhi and Jiten Majhi inaugurated the event which was presided over by Jiten Majhi. Comrade Balindra Saikia, central committee member of CPIML spoke on Hool rebellion and its significance in today’s context.

AICCTU Conference in Mansa, Punjab

AICCTU organized a conference at Mansa in Punjab on 26 June 2020 to mark the countrywide Protest Day against Emergency. The conference was inaugurated by AICCTU State President Rajvinder Singh Rana and addressed by leaders Narbhinder Singh, Sukhdarshan Natt, Amreek and Gurjant Singh Mansa.

The main resolutions passed at the conference are as follows:

Tribute to Fallen Soldiers

CPIML organized a countrywide day of mourning on 22 June to pay tribute to the brave soldiers who fell in the Galwan Valley. The party has condemned the misleading and contradictory statements made by the Prime Minister and his party and government. The government has no right to keep the country in the dark.