Top Cop Davinder Singh's Was Torturer And Terrorist Both

Who Really Ordered Parliament Attack, Pulwama and Other Terror Attacks?

THE arrest of DSP Davinder Singh along with HM and LeT terrorists should force us to raise questions about the entire State and Government narrative on terrorism. Singh was caught ferrying terrorists to Delhi, reportedly to conduct a terror strike on Republic Day.

Afzal Guru was on record stating that Davinder Singh was his torturer, and it was on the latter's orders that he arranged a car and a rented house for one of the men who carried out the Parliament Attack. Davinder Singh is also suspected to be behind terror attacks in Shopian in 2017 and Pulwama in 2019.

When Vajpayee Govt was in the dock over the coffin purchase scandal, the Parliament Attack took place. When the Modi Govt was in the dock over the Rafale scandal and facing an election, the Pulwama Attack took place. And now when the Govt is in the dock over unemployment, a crashing economy, and the attacks on citizenship and Constitution, here was Davinder Singh attempting a terror attack on Republic Day. Who gives Davinder Singh orders? How come he was protected for so many years, and even received medals under the Modi dispensation? Who are the operatives high up in India's security establishment who back Davinder?

A thorough and independent probe is called for to establish Davinder Singh's and his associates' role in the various terror cases over the years.

Meanwhile, we the people of India must demand an end to the narrative which brands democratic rights activists as "anti-national" for opposing custodial torture and killing. It is clear that Davinder who boasted of torturing Afzal Guru and many other Kashmiris, is himself a terrorist while his victims were merely his pawns.