AICCTU-AIARLA Campaign: Oppose the BJP's lies, fake news, rumours, and anti-labour policy!

Enact a central law to guarantee the safety, dignity and living wages of migrant workers!
Strengthen MNREGA to guarantee enhanced local employment opportunities!

Over the past few weeks, social media was flooded with fake news about attacks on migrant workers from Bihar and other northern states. The rush of migrants back to their homes on account of Holi was cynically labelled as fleeing Tamil Nadu due to attacks.

Save Democracy Dialogue in Bihar

CPIML is conducting a Save Democracy Dialogue public campaign in Bihar from 23 March, martyrdom day of Shahid-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, which will culminate in statewide programmes on 22 April, on CPIML party foundation day. The Dialogue is meant to carry forward the message of the recently concluded 11th Party Congress. Special programmes will also be held on 14 April, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar as part of this Dialogue.

Scheme Workers to Hold Rally in Delhi on 28 Nov

National Federation of ASHAs and Scheme Workers affiliated with AICCTU has decided to hold a rally in national capital on 28 November. The major demands to be raised through the rally and the campaign which is ongoing in different states include raising the minimum wage, giving an employee status, pensions and social security.

AICCTU leader V Shankar and Rajiv Dimri told in Allahabad on 22 September that a nationwide campaign is being conducted for these demands.

'Save Constitution, Save Democracy! Build India of Martyrs' Dreams!'

CPIML Campaign from 9-15 August

A national campaign will be organized across the country from 9 to 15 August with the slogan 'Save Constitution, Save Democracy! Build India of Martyrs' Dreams!' to fulfill the vision enshrined in the Preamble to the Constitution of making India a sovereign, secular, socialist and democratic country against the relentless attacks on the values and vision of the Constitution, democracy and freedom.

On the 55th Anniversary of the Great Naxalbari Upsurge

Modern Indian history is punctuated by a series of popular uprisings. The protracted battle for India's independence was powered by uprisings of various sections of oppressed Indians, oppressed not just by the colonial power which came from outside but also by the social structure that dominated Indians from within - the caste system, patriarchy, feudal power and local kingdoms and royalties.

Comrade Satyadev Ram’s Address in the Bihar Assembly

Now that all of the NItish government’s narratives like ‘good governance’ and ‘development with justice’ lie shattered, Nitish Kumar Ji has embarked on the pretence of a ‘Samaj Sudhar Yaatra’ (journey for social reform). This government, which talks big about liquor ban, is working to protect the liquor mafia while dalits and the poor are being massacred across the state by spurious liquor. What social reforms are they claiming while ignoring basic issues like rights, equality, and employment, and allying with the fascist-Manuwadi BJP?

Official’s Salary Withheld for Not Distributing PDS Rations

CPIML MLA in Jharkhand Vinod Singh had raised the issue of non-disbursement of rations in Giridih District for September 2021 in the District Council meeting on 8 December. He had suggested that Block supply officers' salaries be withheld until September 2021 rations are disbursed. The District Council took the decision based on his proposal. All District Council members affiliated to CPIML as well as others had welcomed and supported the proposal.

Lecture on 'Freedom Movement and Partition' Organized in Uttarakhand

A lecture on 'Freedom Movement and Partition' was organized by the Nainital People's Forum on 12 December at the Nainital. The main speaker AIPWA National Secretary Kavita Krishnan underlined the importance and necessity of revisiting the history of the freedom movement in today's times. In the 75th year of independence, the Modi government is distorting and falsifying history and consciously presenting a communal version of the freedom struggle and partition and through this making every effort to carry forward their communal campaign.