CPIML Manifesto for the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 :  CPIML Charter For Change 

The charter presented by CPIML in the 2020 Bihar Assembly polls is in continuity with demands raised in the course of long struggles by the people of Bihar. Our charter reflects Bihar’s aspirations and determination to struggle for change. We hope that a new Government will be elected in the 2020 polls, which will work in the direction of this change. The CPIML is committed to struggling for the implementation of this people’s manifesto for change.

CPIML Submits Memorandum ...

CPIML Submits Memorandum to Election Commission over New Election Guidelines

Conveying serious disagreements over the new election guidelines issued by the EC, the CPIML has once again submitted a memorandum to the Election Commission. Politburo member Dhirendra Jha and senior leader KD Yadav met the Chief Election Officer on 26 August 2020 and conveyed to him each point of disagreement.