Comrade Prem Ram Tamta

COMRADE Prem Ram Tamta passed away in the evening of 2 November 2019. Comrade Prem Ram Tamta came to Bindukhatta of Nainital district in the early 80s and from then on remained active in the land struggle led by the CPIML from the late 70s to the 90s. He became a member during the land ‘dakhal’ (possession) movement and remained a lifelong Communist. He played an active role in every movement in Bindukhatta, from the struggle for ration cards to the agitation for employment against the Century Pulp and Paper Mill, the milk producers’ agitation, the struggle for justice in the Sanjana rape and murder case, the anti-Municipality agitation, the recent struggle against the eviction plans in the name of elephant corridor and the demand for status of Revenue village for Bindukhatta. His health had been deteriorating for some time now, but still he participated in meetings and struggles whenever possible. Paying tribute to Comrade Prem Ram Tamta, State Secretary Raja Bahuguna said that he was the treasured heritage of the Party’s revolutionary tradition and was always at the forefront of struggles led by the Party. He was a simple and brave Comrade whose loss will always be mourned by the Party.