Adieu Comrade Devnandan Ram!

SHRI Devnandan Ram passed away on 5 November 2019. He was 90 years old. A resident of Bambhai Panchayat in Bihar, Devnandan Ram was an active member of the CPI from the 60s. His village was in the clutches of feudal oppression and it was a crime for the poor to ask for wages or to sit on their cots at their own doorsteps in the presence of people from dominant sections. They were even forced to vote according to the wishes of the feudal lords.

Comrade Mahant Yadav

COMRADE Mahant Yadav passed away on 29 October 2019 at the age of 80. Comrade Mahant had played important role in the building of the Party in Western Champaran, especially in Chanpatiya Block. In the 70s he was with PCC (CPIML). In 1980-81 he joined CPIML. The Chanpatiya Sugar Mill was working in those days and farmers were in the clutches of landlords and usurers in the name of the farmers’ cooperative society through which sugar cane was supplied to the sugar mill and payments made.

Comrade Paras Singh Yadav

CPIML lost another comrade on 27 October in Bhojpur when Paras Singh Yadav was brutally killed by feudal criminals in Jantola village of Piro Block. He was trying to resolve a dispute about fishing rights of the common villagers on a pond when he was surrounded by goons who beat him up to death. Comrade Paras was a committed communist and old time member of the CPIML and much revered by the poor in the area. He became victim to the increased attacks by criminals post Modi 2.0 victory on activists fighting for the rights of the poor. 

Comrade Ramballav Prasad Singh

COMRADE Ramballav Prasad Singh passed away on 26 October 2019. He had been actively associated with the Communist movement since the 70s. After the bifurcation of CPI-CPM in 1963 he worked actively with the CPM. Influenced by the Naxalbari movement in 1967, he formed a student-intellectual organization associated with the Supoul Bhengad group. When he joined government services he played an active role in the workers’ movement along with Comrade Yogeshwar Gope.

Comrade Biman Biswas

COMRADE Biman Biswas, 71, State Committee member of W. Bengal breathed his last at Kolkata Medical College on September 11, 2019.

Since the period of Party's reorganisation, Com. Biman took an exemplary role to organise CPIML when the party was underground in Dhubulia, Chapra, Nakashipara areas. He was revered as a popular peasant leader. When communal riots broke out in 1979, he played a commendable role to organise people against this fratricidal riot and to establish a lasting peace in the entire area.