Comrade Mahant Yadav

COMRADE Mahant Yadav passed away on 29 October 2019 at the age of 80. Comrade Mahant had played important role in the building of the Party in Western Champaran, especially in Chanpatiya Block. In the 70s he was with PCC (CPIML). In 1980-81 he joined CPIML. The Chanpatiya Sugar Mill was working in those days and farmers were in the clutches of landlords and usurers in the name of the farmers’ cooperative society through which sugar cane was supplied to the sugar mill and payments made. Farmers were under great oppression and struggled for freedom; finally the sugar mill had to bow down and implement the rule that sugar cane purchase and payments would be made directly from and to the farmers. Comrade Mahant Yadav was at the forefront of all struggles, from the Panchayats to the feudal repression by the royal family of Machhahi-Bharwalia. He was instrumental in the formation of unions of chiwda (beaten rice) mill workers in Chanpatiya Bazaar. He organized many peace meetings in Chanpatiya Bazaar during the communal tension-ridden decade of the 90s. He always stood up resolutely against any atrocity on the poor. The police seized his assets during the struggle against the eviction of the poor in Tikulia.

Comrade Mahant Yadav leaves behind two sons who are engaged in farming work. Comrade Mahant was known for his honesty and simple living. His demise is an irreparable loss for the Party; however, the Party will always continue to draw inspiration from his life and struggles and will always remember him. Red Salute to Comrade Mahant Yadav!