Rickshaw-Tonga Union in Patna Organizes Dharna

RICKSHOW and Tonga drivers affiliated to the Rickshaw-Tonga Union organized a dharna in Jainagar (Patna) on 18 November 2019 for their 5-point charter of demands.

Addressing the dharna, Union Divisional Secretary Bhushan Singh said that many generations of rickshaw and tonga drivers have been working very hard to earn their livelihood by plying their rickshaws and tongas from the stand in the Railway Station area. But the railway administration is denying even basic facilities and unleashes repression on them. He said that the union would strengthen its agitation against such repression.

The demands of the Rickshaw-Tonga Union are as follows: construction of shed in the tanga stand; arrangements for drinking water and toilets; end repression on drivers by Jainagar Railway administration; end eviction of jhuggi-jhopdis in Jainagar Railway land without alternate arrangements; construction of an over-bridge on Gumti No. 39 C, Shaheed Chowk and 40 Patna Gaddi; speed up construction of flyover next to 39 C and repair the road between Gumti No. 38 and 39; end corporatization and privatization of Railways; end NPS and reinstate Old Pension Scheme.

The dharna was addressed by union leaders as well as rickshaw and tonga drivers. A memorandum with the demands was submitted to the Station Superintendent, RPF in-charge, GRP Jainagar in-charge and RPF Darbhanga Inspector.