CPIML Releases Manifesto for Jharkhand Elections

CPIML released the Party manifesto and candidate list for the Jharkhand Assembly election at a Press Conference in Ranchi on 21 November 2019. Addressing the Press Conference Party General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said that when the BJP was in the Opposition they constantly spoke of ‘Fear, Hunger and Corruption’ and claimed to eradicate all three if elected to power. But the last 19 years have been mainly of BJP rule in Jharkhand, and in the last 6 years under the Raghuvar regime there have been 25 cases of mob lynching and regular killings which have filled minorities and dalits and adivasis with fear and terror. Starvation deaths among the rural poor are also on the rise and the number has crossed 30. Corruption and loot are rampant in government schemes and ration distribution, causing the rural poor to suffer horrific starvation and unemployment.

Thus, fear, hunger and corruption are at their peak and the people’s anger against this will take the form of a decisive agitation led by the CPIML. The Modi-Shah duo wishes to use diversionary tactics like NRC and CAB to put fear into the people and divert their attention from issues like fear, hunger and corruption. But the people of Jharkhand will surely defeat this anti-people BJP government. The CPIML has inherited the legacy of the beloved people’s leader Mahendra Singh and has always raised people’s issues inside as well as outside the Assembly and stands out as different from any other political power in this respect. Therefore, the CPIML and other Left parties are at the forefront of the people’s upsurge against the BJP.

The CPIML will field a total of 16 candidates in 16 Assembly constituencies. On seats where the Left parties emerge as a viable opposition to the BJP CPIML will support the Left, and on the remaining seats we will support whichever party that can defeat the BJP.
Dipankar Bhattacharya expressed the belief that this time the Left will represent the Assembly in greater numbers and said that it is with this resolve that we are releasing our manifesto.