CPIML Conferences in Chandauli and Pilibhit

THE 10th CPIML Chandauli (Uttar Pradesh) District conference was held on 17 November 2019. After flag hoisting by senior leader Krishna Rai and 2 minutes’ silence in memory of Comrade Dinesh Maurya and other departed comrades, the conference was inaugurated by State Secretary Sudhakar Yadav. Comrade Sudhakar said that our country is known for its composite culture and diversity which the BJP wants to destroy. They also want to meddle with the Constitution and impose a Manuvadi system in the country. Dissenting voices are being ruthlessly crushed. The need of the hour is for the people to unite and fight to prevent these evil intentions from succeeding. 52 delegates were present at the conference. A 15-member District Committee was elected with Anil Paswan as District Secretary. CC member Manish Sharma addressed the conference as Observer.

The 9th Pilibhit District conference of CPIML was held on 20 November in the Rama Gairola Hall at the District office. After flag hoisting by Comrade Giridharilal and 2 minutes’ silence in honor of departed comrades, State Secretary Sudhakar Yadav inaugurated the conference. In his address he pointed out the failure of the Modi-Yogi governments on all fronts and said that they are focusing on unnecessary issues and fomenting communal hatred in order to divert attention from issues like economic recession, unemployment, and handing over the country’s resources to corporate houses. CC member Comrade Krishna Adhikari said that the Modi-Yogi governments are shielding rapists, denying farmers the promised support price, and snatching away the land and rights of adivasis while atrocities on dalits have increased manifold.

52 delegates were present at the conference. The work report presented by the outgoing secretary was passed after discussion and some amendments. A 15-member District Committee was elected with Devashish Rai as District Secretary. Comrade Radheshyam Maurya was the observer in this conference.