Protest March against Illegal Construction on School Land

A protest was organized by CPIML Simra Nehalpur Panchayat Committee in Darbhanga district on 6 November in front of the Mabbi OP for the following demands: stop the illegal construction being done on the Bandh Basti School land; probe into the connivance of Mabbi Thana and Zonal officers with local feudal forces as they failed to stop the illegal construction which has been going on for more than one month. The protest began as a rally from Bandh Basti village led by Shivan Yadav, Amit Paswan, Pappu Paswan, Sheela Devi, Ashok Manjhi, Lalit Manjhi, Amar Manjhi and Mithilesh Paswan and culminated in the gherao of Mabbi Thana.

Addressing the meeting presided over by Amit Paswan, CPIML State Committee member and Bahadurpur Block Secretary Abhishek Kumar said that the Darbhanga District officials talk big about taking action against encroachers but the Bahadurpur CO and Mabbi OP Thana Chief are conniving with feudal forces in the illegal construction being done on the Bandh Basti Primary School land. The construction is not being stopped despite repeated pleas from the villagers. Abhishek Kumar further said that the struggle for saving schools and the right to education will be strengthened and sharpened. AIKMS District President Shivan Yadav said that there is great anger among the common people against the Mabbi OP. Three persons have been attacked and seriously injured as a result of the encouragement given to the illegal encroachers by the administration. People may be killed but the administration will look the other way. MNREGA Mazdoor Sabha District President Pappu Paswan appealed to the people to come in large numbers for the Mazdoor-Kisan (workers and farmers) Rights Rally to be held in Patna on 9 November 2019. After hours of gherao, the Bahadurpur Zonal Officer came to Mabbi and directed the Thana incharge to give a written assurance that the illegal construction would be stopped.