“School On Streets” in Gadhani, Bihar

ON 19 October 2019 the barriers between religions, communities, castes, and parties were broken in Gadhani Block complex as all came together on the issues of education which were raised at the school organized by students, women and guardians led by AISA, RYA and Bhagat Singh Yuva Brigade under the campaign for right to education. The issues raised included construction of classrooms for the Urdu and Girls Middle School in village Badaura, more number of teachers and better teaching.

The school started with the ringing of the school bell and singing of prayer song by students Nargis Praveen, Shaba Praveen, Nagma, Puja Kumari, Nasreen Praveen, Tabassum and others. This was followed by school periods during which teachers took classes in Maths, Hindi, and culture. Songs were sung such as Jiske Kaham na Lag Jayi Dhak se, Bade Bade Lokwan ke Laikawan ke Private School Ba, Haman Gariban ke Dhahlo School Dulaam ba.

sadak school


It should be noted that the Urdu Primary School was established in 1947. Children from the villages of Suari, Shivpur, Sikati and Badaura studied at this school and it was a well-renowned school. Alumni of this school have contributed in the fields of education, civil services and armed forces. The Muslim community played an important role in making this school by donating land from their kabristan (burial ground)and this became a preferred school for all sections of society. Ten years ago this school became dilapidated and was closed down. The villagers met various authorities for the construction of a new building, including education officers, BDO, BEO, DEO and Agiaon JDU MLA Prabhunath Ram; however, though they were given assurances for the new building and the BJP MP candidate in the recent Lok Sabha election also asked for votes by giving this promise, no step in this direction has so far been taken by the education department, MLA or MP.

The Girls Middle School Badaura has only two small rooms in the name of classrooms; one room seats the children from Class 1 to 5 and the children from Class 6 to 8 sit in the other room. The total number of students is 263. There are 5 appointed teachers in this school of whom only 2 were present. The standard of teaching is such that no student from Class 6 to 8 is able to do simple division or arithmetical calculations. No student is able read English. More than half the students are unable to read Hindi. Urdu is a subject but there is no Urdu teacher.



Addressing the students and guardians of the school, RYA President Manoj Manzil said that we cannot leave the issues of Urdu Primary School building, Girls Middle School classrooms, number of teachers and better teaching to Ministers, MLAs and MPs. He asked what would be the future of these children and how they would compete with children who get expensive private schooling. He asked whose interests are served by not implementing a common school system in our country. Why cannot a poor child and a wealthy child get the same standard of schooling?

He further said that Nitish Kumar has rung the death knell for government schools and this has destroyed the future of the poor, workers, farmers and the marginalized. When dalits, adivasis and backward sections are pushed out from school education, the doors to higher education and reservation will also be closed for them. He said that if the government does not take corrective steps, the agitation for right to education will be strengthened and sharpened and a school will be organized in front of the Chief Minister.

Leaders and activists from AISA, RYA and Bhagat Singh Yuva Brigade were present at the program.

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