Comrade Ramballav Prasad Singh

COMRADE Ramballav Prasad Singh passed away on 26 October 2019. He had been actively associated with the Communist movement since the 70s. After the bifurcation of CPI-CPM in 1963 he worked actively with the CPM. Influenced by the Naxalbari movement in 1967, he formed a student-intellectual organization associated with the Supoul Bhengad group. When he joined government services he played an active role in the workers’ movement along with Comrade Yogeshwar Gope. He joined the CPIML and IPF in the 90s and played a leading role in building the Party in Saharsa (Supoul District). He did not keep good health after his retirement and remained at his home in Bishanpur. He was a delegate at the Patna Party Congress. He served as the Bihar State Vice President of the Non-Gazetted Workers Association (Gope Group) and the President of Saharsa District. Of late he had been ailing continuously and passed away on 26 October at his home.

The Kosi region will always remember Comrade Ram Babu for the Communist movement. Revolutionary Red Salute to Comrade Ram Babu for his invaluable contribution to the Communist movement!