Protest against Lathi Charge on Anganwadi Workers in Ranchi

THE struggle by the Anganwadi Sevika Sahayak Sangh in Jharkhand on 16 August 2019 is still on. Far from taking cognizance of the protest, the Raghuvar government brutally lathi charged them for a second time on 24 September while they were protesting peacefully (the first time being on 11 September at Ranchi).

The Anganwadi workers held a massive protest on 25 September against the repression on their peaceful protest on 24 September. In solidarity with their protest, AICCTU organized protests at Ranchi, Ramgarh and Giridih on 25 September and burnt the CM’s effigy. It is to be noted that apart from CITU, JMM and Congress have also come out on the streets in protest. The main demands are: implement the written agreement of 2018; Rs 5000 monthly honorarium instead of Rs 1400 and Rs 2500 instead of Rs 700 for Sevikas and Sahayaks; regularization; salary instead of honorarium; equal pay for equal work. AICCTU and AIPWA and RYA organized a protest march and strongly condemned the lathi charge on Anganwadi workers and demanded arrest of the guilty police personnel.