24th Jayant Ganguly Memorial Day

THE 24th Jayant Ganguly Memorial Day was observed on 25 September 2019 at Hazaribagh and Ramgarh Districts in Jharkhand. Hundreds of rural workers and poor farmers attended the occasion at village Hesalong. Senior CPIML leader Koleshwar Gope hoisted the flag and Comrade Jayant Ganguly was remembered and saluted with slogans, and tributes were paid by people and party leaders including Baijnath Mistry, Bhuneshwar Bediya, Pachu Rana and others. The memorial meeting was addressed by Koleshwar Rajwar, Rampravesh Gope, Vinod Kumar, Raska Manjhi, Bijendra Prasad, Madan Ram, Mahadev Manjhi, Pachu Rana, Bhuneshwar Bediya and Baijnath Mistry.

The speakers recollected Jayant Ganguly’s role in the Naxalbari peasants’ uprising and his work with the dalits, adivasis and weaker sections of Hazaribagh later in the aftermath of the repression of the Naxalbari peasant movement.

The Memorial day was observed in Ramgarh District at village Bujurg Jamira. Devkinandan Bediya, Naresh Badaik, Devanand Gope, Amal Kumar, Nita Bediya and other speakers paid tribute to Comrade Jayant and said that by following in his footsteps we can give a befitting reply to the corporate-communal-fascist-Sanghi forces. The meeting pledged to carry forward the Gram Sabha Abhiyan, and announced the following programs: RYA protest against Motor Vehicle Act on 28 September; protest at Dadi Block on 1 October; protest in front of Argadda CCL General Manager on 4 October; Divisional level protests on 12 October.

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