TN Motherson Workers Hold Hunger Strike On 54th Day of Strike

THE strike of Motherson workers in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, entered its 54th day on 18th October. The workers observed a day-long hunger strike on the day.

The Motherson workers at Pondur plant of Motherson Automotive Technology and Engineering (MATE) III have been on strike since August 26th 2019, demanding recognition of the union and negotiation on demands related to wage and working conditions in the factory. They had also demanded a stop to victimisation of workers for unionising.

Since the workers formed a union, the management has been penalizing workers. Earlier it had even insisted that workers sign a bond giving up their right to form unions. Following a two day sit-in protest, the management had to relent and withdraw the practice. However, victimisation tactics including transfers of workers to other departments, show cause notices, continued. This had led to the current strike by workers.

On 18 October, the workers through their hunger strike demanded that the Government of Tamil Nadu penalise the illegal anti-worker actions of the Motherson management and ensure a negotiated wage settlement.

The struggle is being led by the Chengai Anna Mavatta Jananayaga Thozhilalar Sangam (Chengai-Anna District Democratic Labour Union) affiliated to AICCTU. On behalf of the Union, Comrade Eraniappan addressed the protesting workers.