Khudiram Bose Martyrdom Day observed

A large number of people gathered at the Khudiram Bose Memorial at Pusa Road, Samastipur on 11 August to salute the martyrdom of the great freedom fighter Khudiram Bose (born 3 December 1889) who was hanged on 11 August 1908 after the Muzaffarpur Bomb incident on 30 April 1908. After observing 2 minutes’ silence in the martyr’s honour the air reverberated with slogans honouring Khudiram’s inspiring martyrdom as his statue was garlanded. A Sankalp Sabha was held on the occasion, presided over by RYA District President Ram Kumar. The meeting was addressed by Inquilabi Naujawan Sabha (RYA) leader Surendra Prasad Singh and many others.

Surendra Prasad Singh said that those who were informers for the British rule during the freedom struggle are in power today and the heroes of the freedom struggle are being marginalized and ignored. The ruling powers are afraid of revolutionaries, and indeed so they should be because the descendants of those who drove away the colonial rulers then will drive away todays rulers now. He said that AISA-RYA are fighting to include the thoughts, personality and acts of Khudiram Bose in school syllabi. District President Ram Kumar said that those who spread hate and communal poison for the sake of votes stand thoroughly exposed today. CPIML Block Secretary Amit Kumar expressed anger at the poor maintenance of the Khudiram Bose Memorial venue and demanded that the administration and the government should take steps to ensure proper maintenance of the Memorial.