Feudal Attack against Dalits in Bhojpur

FEUDAL goons associated with the BJP attacked dalits at Bangwa in Garhani block on the night of 9 August 2019. The feudal goons sat at the entrance to the dalit Tola and spoke and sang loud obscene words and songs. When this was objected to, they attacked the dalits with rods and axes.

Three people received head injuries in the attack and two were injured in the arm and hands. The attackers were Kundan Kumar, Guddu Kumar, Nitesh Singh, Sagar Kumar, Sumit Kumar, Tutu Singh, Kamlesh Singh, Rajan Kumar, Vishal Kumar and Sujal Singh. The persons brutally attacked and injured include Mantu Baitha, Avinash, Ripu Rajak, Suresh Baitha, Mithilesh Baitha and Jogamata Devi.

The victims registered a case at the Ara SC/ST Thana where RYA National President Manoj Manzil, CPIML Garhani Secretary Navin Kumar, and CPIML leader Mahesh met them and assured them that the Party would struggle relentlessly against this attack. CPIML and AIARLA leader Chhapit Ram met the families of the victims in the village.

Manoj Manzil said that the entire District is reeling under feudal attacks on dalits, poor, backward sections and women under the Nitish-Modi Raj while JD(U) MLAs and MPs support and protect these feudal forces.

The CPIML demands that the police should arrest the feudal criminal attackers without delay. If the arrests are not made, a massive people’s protest will be launched.