CPIML Opposes Steep Hike in CBSE Exam Fee

CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal issued a statement strongly condemning the exorbitant hike in CBSE examination fees and saying that this amounts to snatching away the right to education from poor and dalit students.

He said that the CBSE exam fees for SC/ST students have been hiked by 24 times. The amount which was earlier Rs 50 has now been hiked to Rs 1200. The fees for General students have also been doubled and the amount which was earlier Rs 750 has now been raised to Rs 1500. This is a deep conspiracy to deprive most students in the country—especially students who come from a dalit-poor background—of education. The CPIML demands that this decision be revoked without delay.

Comrade Kunal further said that it is ironical that on the one hand the BJP government abrogates 370 and 35A in Kashmir with the false narrative of ‘One Nation One Law’ and says that it will bring development to Kashmir; they now need to answer if this step to hike CBSE fees will bring development or destruction to students. This step has once again proved that this government is working fully in the interests of corporate houses. On the one hand they want to end Kashmir’s autonomy and hand over land to Ambani-Adani; and on the other hand they are converting education into another business space. This fee hike will facilitate further privatization of education and common students will face cuts in education opportunities. The BJP government wants to snatch away everything and every right from the people.

Kunal said that the Party would carry out an extensive campaign across Bihar against this and force the government to take back this draconian decision. It is the constitutional responsibility of the government to guarantee affordable education for all, and this government cannot run away from this responsibility.