CPIML Activist Zeeshan Ali in Begusarai Arrested for Reporting Communally Abusive Social Media Post!

A protest march was organized on 9 August 2019 in Begusarai against the arrest of CPIML activist Zeeshan Ali who reported a communally abusive social media post by Bajrang Dal goons in police station. The thana incharge later asked Zeeshan Ali to come to thana and collect his copy of the FIR. As soon as com. Zeeshan reached to police station he was arrested for his one very old facebook post on Golwalkar and Godse, while no arrest was made for the Bajrang Dal’s abusive post! CPIML District Secretary Diwakar said that the arrest of Comrade Zeeshan Ali has been done at the behest of RSS and Bajrang Dal. Attacks on dalit and minority workers have increased under BJP rule and the government is working in the political interest of communal forces. Such behavior of the BJP will not be tolerated and the CPIML will openly oppose this goondaism by the government. He condemned the policy of arresting and throwing minority leaders into jail on trumped up false charges and demanded the unconditional release of Zeeshan Ali. He said that if Zeeshan Ali is not unconditionally released, an agitation will be launched. A large number of people were present at the protest march.

Protest March in Ballia:

Insaf Manch organized a protest march in Ballia on 10 August 2019 against the arrest of CPIML youth leader Zeeshan Ali led by Dr Adil, the march started from Station Chowk, proceeded via Ballia Bazaar and culminated in a meeting at the Railway Station complex.

Addressing the meeting, Indradev Ram said that the arrest of Comrade Zeeshan Ali is unlawful and the Insaf Manch strongly condemns this policy of arresting minorities under false cases and throwing them into jail, and demands the unconditional release of Comrade Zeeshan Ali.

Mobassir Ali said that the arrest has been done because of pressure from the BJP-Sangh parivar on the city thana. No condemnation of this undemocratic act can be strong enough. He said that when Sangh and Bajrang Dal leaders make disparaging and abusing comments on Islam, no action is taken against them but when Comrade Zeeshan Ali put an application in the Thana against such comments, they arrested Zeeshan Ali and registered a false case against him. This is clearly Hitler-style autocracy.