Sack Puducherry Governor Kiran Bedi For Her Abusive Remarks

AS Chennai struggles with severe water shortage, the Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi added insult to the suffering of Tamil Nadu’s and Chennai’s people. She tweeted in Hindi blaming “poor governance, corrupt politics, indifferent bureaucracy and selfish and cowardly/weak people” for the fact that Chennai, which suffered severe flooding four years back, is now “the first city in the country to run dry.”

It is unconscionable for anyone holding the Constitutional post of Governor to thus indulge in regional chauvinistic abuse, branding the entire people of Chennai/TN as “selfish and cowardly.”

As large swathes of India reel under drought and water shortage, the Governments at the Centre and affected states are indifferent. They did nothing to avert the water crisis in spite of ample warning. And now, representatives of the Centre are arrogantly and callously blaming and abusing the victims who are thirsting for water!

Ms Kiran Bedi must be sacked for her remarks.