Convention Against Hydrocarbon Project in Tamilnadu

AIARLA, AIKM organized a convention opposing the Hydro Carbon projects in the Cauvery delta districts, on July 6 at Thanjavur. The convention was inaugurated by N.K Natarajan, state secretary of CPIML. Behind the emphatic rejection of Modi and its alliance in Tamilnadu, was powerful people’ struggles against corporate schemes like Methane, Sterlite plant, 8 lane Green Corridor, he asserted. While the central and state governments are betraying the people and serving the corporates the struggles must be continued to its logical end. Appreciating the efforts of AIARLA and AIKM in this regard he asked to intensify mass initiatives of the rural workers and peasants.

The convention passed several resolutions. Strongly condemning the Modi Govt and AIADMK Govt in the state, one resolution demanded immediate cancellation of the project. If the project is allowed nearly one crore people in these eight districts will be severely affected. According to one primary estimate nearly 14 lakh acres of agricultural lands and paddy production will be lost. Historical places such as Poombuhar, Tarangambadi, bird sanctuary Vedaranyam will also face extinction. In order to come out of the over dependence of petroleum import, the central government argues for exploration of oil even at the peril of paddy production and will lead to food crisis in the state.

While the oil and gas requirement of India is estimated as 20,000 million metric tons as against the estimated production of 220 million metric tons only. But the loss of paddy production would be 28 lakh metric tons, said Chandramohan, elaborating the resolution.

Speaking on the occasion, AIARLA state president Balasundaram, underlined the significance of 50th year of CPIML and 100th birth anniversary of Comrade Charu Mazumdar. The CPIML since its inception has strived for an all powerful peasant struggle in India. Only such struggles can change the face of India. To stall the multinational corporate projects like hydrocarbon, powerful struggles of rural poor and peasants is of paramount importance. He also criticized the decision of CPI and CPIM who gave up the agitation program to be held on July 9 on the pretext of Minister’s assurance in the assembly, which had no substance. He commended the AIARLA and AIKM for continuing the resistance against the Minister’s attempt to diffuse the announced agitational programme.

The convention was presided over by A. Chandramohan, General Secretary of All India Kisan Mahasabha (AIKM) in Tamilnadu. AIKM TN President A. Simpson, AIARLA state president Balasundaram, AIARLA’s state secretaries Rajasankar and Dhavachelven also addressed the gathering. Many leaders including VM Valthan, T. Kannaian, Sakthivel, Asaithambi, Venkatesn, Dhanavel attended the Convention.