Jan Adhikar Yatra in Siwan

THE Jan Adhikar Yatra (People’s Rights Yatra) in Siwan Lok Sabha constituency began with the garlanding of martyr Comrade Chandrashekhar at the Gopalganj Chowk in the city. The Yatra was led by senior Party leader and former Darauli MLA Com. Amarnath Yadav, who is also the party’s candidate from Siwan in the 2019 Parliamentary elections. AISA State Vice President Com. Jaishankar Pandit, RYA District Secretary Com. Sujit Kushwaha (former District Councilor), District President Com. Yogendra Yadav (District Councilor), AIARLA leader Com. Shivnath Ram and AISA leader Com. Vikas Yadav also led the rally.

In the course of the Yatra, meetings were held at Banka More, Badli More, Nautan (Nautan Block), Mairwa Dham, Mairwa Station and Babhnauli (Mairwa Block), Vijayipur, Titara, Shivpur Sakra, Thepaha (Jeeradei Block), Aandar, Asaav (Aandar Block), Shivdhari More, Guthni More, Guthni Bazaar (Guthni Block), Darauli, Tandwa (Darauli Block), Raghunathpur, Chakri, Duraundha, Rajapur, Pasiwar, Chanchora, Bagora, Hasanpura, Saheji, Arjal More, Badhadiya, Jamo More, Kadam More, Lakdi Bazaar, Karbala, Tarwara and other places.

Addressing these meetings, Comrade Amarnath Yadav said that PM Modi is playing politics across the country in the name of soldiers and diverting people from the real issues. Today all the constitutional institutions in the country are under threat. The Modi government is the biggest danger to the country and democracy. They need to be thrown out in the coming elections if the country is to be saved. He appealed to the people to ensure CPI(ML)’s victory from the Siwan Lok Sabha seat.

The other speakers also pointed out the Modi-Nitish government’s failures, including seat cuts and fund cuts in education and the closing down of many schools in Bihar by the JDU-BJP government.

The Yatra was welcomed at all places by the people with garlands and flowers. The Jan Adhikar Yatra concluded on 10 March with the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections.