Bhojpur Protest against Killing of a Dalit Worker

THE CPI(ML) organized a protest meeting on 28 January 2019 against the suppression of facts by the local police in the brutal killing of innocent worker Jamuna Musahar (from Tilath Musahar Toli, Piro) and the shock death by heart attack of eyewitness Doctor Musahar (s/o Jagnarayan Musahar). The meeting, held at Mohan Tola (Tilath) and presided over by CPI(ML) leader and Lahthan Panchayat Mukhiya Dineshwar Ram demanded strict punishment to the killer Balar Rai.

Speakers addressing the meeting said that the killer Balar Rai enjoys the full and open protection of the BJP-JD(U). This incident exposes the truth of the BJP-JD(U) government’s ‘love’ for Mahadalits. BJP-JD(U) leaders including MP RK Singh remain silent on this incident and the police are busy hushing up the incident. The confidence and nonchalance with which feudal forces enter the homes of the poor-dalit and commit rape and murder under this BJP-JD(U) regime makes it clear that the poor and dalits cannot be safe unless this government is uprooted and thrown out. Saying that the Ara BJP MP RK Singh is the protector of anti-dalit anti-poor forces, they said that it is because of his nexus with the criminals that he did not even come to meet the family members of the victim.

bhojpur Dalit killing


The protesters passed a resolution with the following demands: immediate action, arrest, and strict punishment through speedy trial of Jamuna Musahar’s killer Balar Rai; adequate security for Mahadalit Musahar families; post-mortem of Doctor Musahar who died of shock after witnessing the brutal murder of Jamuna Musahar and registration of murder FIR in his case also; Rs 10 lakh compensation to the families of Jamuna Musahar and Doctor Musahar; government jobs to one dependent in each of the families; removal of police officials colluding in hushing up this incident.

The meeting was addressed by comrades Raju Yadav and Manoj Manzil, Maneer Alam, Tarari MLA Sudama Prasad and Jamuna Musahar’s wife Sanjharo Kunwar.