CPI(ML) Leaders Meet Student Injured in firing in hostel

CPI(ML) MLA Satyadev Ram, Bihar state committee members Umesh Singh and Navin Kumar and AISA leaders comrades Nishant Kumar and Ramji Yadav visited PMCH and also met Jugesh Ram, a student who had been critically injured in the firing in Kalyan hostel in Ara by the goons. They enquired about his health and state of recovery.

Com. Satyadev said that the attacks on Dalit students have increased under the BJP-JD(U) rule in the state. The spirits of the criminals are on the seventh heaven as they know no harm can come to them. They are feeling emboldened enough to enter hostels in broad daylight and open firing on students. The graph of crime in the state is on rise and the law and order situation has been completely destroyed. The Nitish government appears to have surrendered before the criminals. The CPI(ML) team met the doctor who was treating Jugesh to enquire about his recovery. The doctors shared that a bullet was stuck in the spine of Jugesh Kumar. An operation at this stage can increase the possibility of paralysis waist down, hence the surgery department has transferred this case to the orthopedic department. The CPI (ML) team appeared to the PMCH administration and the doctors in charge to do their best to ensure Jugesh’s complete recovery and avoid any complacency or carelessness in the matter.



AISA-RYA-Bhim Army protest – In light of the attack on the Dr. Ambedkar hostel, a joint resistant march was called by AISA-RYA and Bhim Army on 26 December in Bhojpur. They demanded that – those responsible for the attack on the hostel and for injuring to Jugesh Kumar should be immediately arrested; complete treatment of Jugesh Kumar should be ensured and the expenses should be borne by the state; there should be deployment of forces to ensure security in the hostel; The weapons license of the culprits should immediately seized and compensation should be paid to the victims.

Earlier a road block protest had been called by AISA on 24 December demanding immediate arrest of the culprits Bharat Yadav and his associates. A fact finding team comprising of ML leader Com. Raju Yadav and comrades Vijay Singh, Kanhaiya Kumar and Harinath master also visited the hostel.

student at ara