Gherao by Contract Workers in Allahabad

RAILWAY contract workers led by AICCTU organized a rally at Allahabad on 8 January 2019 from the Loco Pilot Running Room to the office of the Senior Manager (Operations). AICCTU District Secretary Dr Kamal who led the rally said that contract workers who cook meals have been removed from their jobs for demanding wages which have not been paid for the past 3 years. The workers held dharnas regularly, but no competent authority went to talk with them. Accusing the contractor, the contract workers said that he makes them sign on the salary register for Rs 15,000per month but they are actually paid only Rs 5,000.

The protesting contract workers demanded that the workers who had been working for the past 20 years and had been removed without any reason should be reinstated; contract workers should be brought within the ambit of labour laws; safety and dignity of women at the workplace should be guaranteed; and workers should be given the benefit of PF and ESI. Present at the protest were the workers who had been unjustly removed, as well as supporters in large numbers.

Gherao allajhabad