Working Class

Coal Workers’ Historic Strike

COAL workers organized a strike on 24 September 2019 against 100% FDI in the coal industry and other demands. The strike at all subsidiaries of Coal India Limited (CIL) was in response to the joint call by CMWU (AICCTU), CITU, AITUC, INTUC, and HMS. The ruling party BJP-affiliated BMS, being an obstruction to the current workers’ struggle, was excluded from the strike but they called for a face-saving strike on 23 September which received a very poor response from the workers.

National Convention of Workers : Calls for Country-wide General Strike On 8th January, 2020

INTENSIFYING further the ongoing battle of working class against attacks of Modi govt., a national convention of workers was held on 30th September 2019 at Parliament Street, New Delhi calling upon the workers and toiling masses to organize a one-day country-wide general strike on 8th January 2020. Unprecedentedly, within a short period of just 100 days of Modi govt.

AICCTU Mass Convention in Lucknow

NORTH Eastern Railway Workers Union and the AICCTU Lucknow unit organized a mass convention in Lucknow on 15 September 2019 against privatization, corporatization, New Pension Scheme and amendments to Labour Laws. The main speaker, Rail Mazdoor leader and Front against New Pension Scheme in Railways (FANPSR) National President Amrik Singh said that the Modi government wants to hand over all public sector units like railways, banks, insurance and oil to corporate houses.

Victory for Ordnance Factory Workers

80,000 workers of the Ordnance Factories who had been on a one-month strike since 20 August 2019 called off their strike on the 6th day after the BJP government bowed under pressure and withdrew the decision of corporatization and privatisation of the Ordnance Factories. Thus the workers forced the government, drunk with power based on brute majority in Parliamentarian, to surrender.

Central Trade Unions Protest Attacks on Labour Laws by Central Government

AICCTU alongwith other central trade union organizations and federations participated in nation wide protests against Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Bill and the Code on Wages Bill. The protests were jointly called by all central trade unions except RSS affiliated BMS, which chose to side with the government against the workers. Protest actions in Delhi were organized in Parliament Street.

Say No to Corporatization of Indian Railways : Let’s Stand United in the Struggle against Corporatization

(Text of appeal issued by RCF Employees Union Kapurthala to fellow rail workers)

ONCE again the threatening clouds of corporatisation are looming large over not just the Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala but all Production Units of the Indian Railways. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India for a second time and beloved of capitalists all over the world, is bent on handing over the Indian Railways to private capitalists.

Indian Railways Employees Federation Conference

THE 2nd conference of the Indian Railways Employees Federation (IREF) concluded successfully in Allahabad. The conference unanimously decided to affiliate IREF with AICCTU. It was also decided during the conference to campaign against new central government on rail workers issues like NPS, contractualisation, and privatization. Zonal level mass struggles were planned that may culminate in a massive rally in Delhi. The zonal struggles and campaign may be preceded by a workshop. A team of leaders was formed to take up the New Pension Scheme issue.

AICCTU Releases A 13-Point Workers’ Charter for Loksabha 2019

THE All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU) released a Workers’ Charter on April 2, 2019 in Delhi. This includes a report on violations of labour laws in industrial areas of Delhi along with a 13 point charter of demands of the workers.

The Charter was released in a Press Conference at IWPC and was addressed by Santosh Roy, President,  AICCTU Delhi, Advocate Surya Prakash, Shweta Raj, Secretary AICCTU Delhi. The Press Conference was also attended by trade union leaders from different industrial areas.