PRICOL Workers’ 103 Days Strike Ends, Struggle Continues

PRICOL Workers’ indefinite strike came to an end on the 103rd day after the intervention of Dy. Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. The management agreed not to resort to victimisation for the strike and to negotiate wage settlement only with the AICCTU affiliated union.

While the Union decided to resume work on 3rd December after negotiations, the management welcomed with illegal transfer orders for 302 of them to its Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh units. This is utterly unfair and illegal labour practice and goes against the accepted advice given by the Labour department at the behest of Dy. CM.

Around 500 workers and general public assembled to protest this victimisation on December 4 in Coimbatore. The management is trying to demoralise and dampen the fighting spirit of the workers. Every time the management attempts this the workers unity and fighting spirit grows. The management will fail this time too.

AICCTU demands withdrawal of victimising transfer orders and restore industrial peace. The management’s anti-worker attitude that finds happiness in the suffering of the workers who have built their business empire of more than Rs. 5000 crores is despicable.