Jan Jagaran Abhiyan in Coal Industry

AICCTU organized a Jan Jagaran Abhiyan in the coal industry. Gate meetings were held at Hadiyajam, Shyampur-B, Champapur and Lakhimata Collieries in the ECL Mugma area. A similar program was also held at the Dahibadi Colliery. Meetings were organized at each colliery in CCL against the directive for ‘staggered rest’ instead of Sunday rest and the transfer of workers. There is considerable anger among the coal workers against the Coal India management and the Central government. These campaigns were organized at Kathara Colliery, Kathara Washery, Swang Colliery, Swang Washery, Jarangdih and Govindpur Colliery. The CMW (AICCTU) was at the forefront of this joint campaign.

The main issues raised in the workers’ meetings included: Oust BJP, Save the Country; Oust BJP, Save Democracy; destroy fascism, protect and strengthen democracy; down with Company Raj; protect the Labour laws; protect the right to dissent; privatization of coal and other public sector industries will not be tolerated; selling of 10% coal industry shares will not be tolerated; retrenchment and transfer of coal workers in the name of surplus labour will not be tolerated. Some local issues were also raised, including: opening of new mines; payment of bonus; implementation of welfare schemes; issue of designation to workers. The campaign will be continued, and a protest at the Mugma area has also been fixed for the month of November.