Amarjeet - Victim of Anti-Migrant Violence in Gujarat

AMARJEET Singh, a young man hailing from Kaudiya village in Konch Block, Gaya District, was killed on the night of 12 October at Ramdev Chowk in Pandesar (Surat City of Gujarat) during the anti-migrant mob violence. A high-level enquiry team from the CPI(ML) visited the victim’s village on 14 October to ascertain the facts in the incident. The team met the victim’s father Rajdev Singh, who is a retired BSF jawan. There is anger in the entire village because no murder case has yet been registered in this matter.

The enquiry team comprised Standing Committee member and Gaya District Secretary Niranjan Kumar, Konch Block Secretary Surendra Yadav, AIARLA leader Rohan Yadav from Tikari and Ker Panchayat Mukhiya Sanjay Chandravanshi.

The enquiry team stated that Amarjeet was a victim of the violence incited against people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in Gujarat, but the Gujarat administration is attempting to hide this truth. The local administration says that Amarjeet’s death is not a murder but an accidental death. Amarjeet’s younger brother works with him at Colour Tex Ltd. The younger brother Rakesh has informed his family that there are deep injury marks on the back of Amarjeet’s head, giving rise to suspicion that he was attacked with a rod and killed. By the time his wife reached the hospital, he was dead.

The CPI(ML) has stated that on the one hand, Biharis are facing mob violence and murder in BJP-ruled Gujarat, and on the other hand the Bihar police under the BJP-JDU Govt refuses even to register a case of murder.

In Gaya District a protest march was organized at the District HQ to demand a government job for the victim’s family member and the compensation.