‘Justice for Zafar’ March in Pratapgarh

A Justice for Com. Zafar march was organized at Pratapgarh on 8 October 2018 to demand justice for Comrade Zafar. CPI(ML) activists and citizens from many walks of life from Pratapgarh and various tahsils gathered at the Municipality at 11 am and marched to the District Collector’s office with slogans demanding justice for Com. Zafar, arrest of his killers, withdrawal of the false FIR report, ending of the land mafia, pattas for the katchi bastis of Pratapgarh, and ending political protection to killers.

Addressing the meeting in front of the Collector’s office, District Secretary Com. Shankar Lal Chaudhary said that the killing of Com. Zafar was the work of the BJP which gives political protection to the land mafia. We shall continue the struggle for the Pratapgarh of Com. Zafar’s dreams with pattas and basic amenities in all bastis. He said that a protest petition has been filed in court against the false FIR and the Party will take the fight for justice for Com. Zafar up to the highest court.

State Secretary Com. Mahendra Chaudhary said that the FIR in the Com. Zafar case shows the anti-woman face of the BJP because he was killed while he was protesting the videography/photography of women who were defecating in the open. In the past 4 years the Modi and Vasundhara governments have done nothing but help rich capitalists and throw jumlas and false promises at the common people. The struggle of the poor, the farmers, and the workers can be taken forward only by throwing out the Vasundhara government from Rajasthan and the Modi government from the Centre. Com. Zafar’s wife Rashida said that the police are not conducting a fair enquiry into Zafar’s killing, and witnesses are being pressurized. Comrades Shahnaz, Anwar and Shivlal spoke of the lack of basic amenities in bastis and the rampant unemployment due to demonetization and GST.

A delegation met the Additional District Magistrate and ASP and submitted a memorandum with demands for justice and other people’s issues. Com. Shankar Lal Chaudhary has said that the Party is pursuing legal interventions in the court to get justice for Com. Zafar but its struggle to combat fascism in streets will ensure final victory over the forces which led to the killing of our beloved comrade.